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3 Things Your Modern Resume Must Have [Guest Blog]

A well-written resume continues to be the kingpin to a successful job search. In this digital age where competition is steeper than ever, candidates must take care in crafting a quality document that stands out from the rest. As a critical self-marketing tool, your resume needs to not only represent value, but also an understanding of modern branding methods.

Modern resumes that will gain recruiters’ attention must contain these three elements:

1. Position-specific language.

Nowadays, your resume is likely to pass through a series of automated filters before being seen by the human eye. Incorporating key words relevant to your industry and target posting will ensure your electronic document makes it onto someone’s desk. Moreover, the use of key words helps the reader to recognize your knowledge base within the field, increasing trust levels that you can “walk the talk.”



2. Results-oriented detail.

Your resume should be a snapshot of your greatest career accomplishments rather than a laundry list of job responsibilities. Describe your achievements in a manner that makes it easy for a potential employer to understand your return on investment. Whenever possible, incorporate quantifiable results to further illustrate the bottom-line impact your contributions had on the organization

3. Eye-catching presentation. 

Your resume is a marketing tool. Use it as such. On average, recruiters take less than 7 seconds to glance at a resume. Create visual interest with consistent formatting and good use of white space. Catch the readers’ eye with a clear header and powerful executive summary to keep their attention longer.

Your resume is the single most important representation of your professional brand. Selling your skills and strengths on paper, these modern elements will help ensure you get the chance to do so in person.


3 Things Your Modern Resume Must Have



by Kris McGuigan

Kris McGuigan is Cleveland’s only Academy Certified Resume Writer and a trusted career advisor. She is the President of Professional Courage and would love to connect with readers at