8 Questions NOT to ask in an interview [Guest Blog]

  ‘Can I just say, I find you terribly attractive and I wondered if you fancy dinner tonight?’ Writing an article about questions NOT to ask a prospective employer at your interview ought to be a piece of cake. Here’s another to avoid: ‘So, where did you get the wig?’ But enough silliness! Let’s focus Read more about 8 Questions NOT to ask in an interview [Guest Blog][…]

10 Ways to Botch Your Interview

Awesome news! You’ve landed an interview and you are one step closer to getting that new job. Now, you just need to have a successful meeting. Don’t make these 10 common mistakes and botch your interview! 1. Not Doing Research on the Company or Interviewer This is one of the most common ways that candidates Read more about 10 Ways to Botch Your Interview[…]