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October 10, 2017

Free E-Mail Courses

Free E-Mail Training Courses!

Let's face it.  Who has time to look for a new job, yet alone write a resume or prepare for an interview?! Our E-Mail courses are a great option.  Lessons are emailed to you daily to help break up the course.  Our goal is to have you complete a task over time so that it only takes minutes a day.  E-mails are sent to keep you on track and to provide the necessary guidance and training.  Our current courses are listed below.

LinkedIn 5 Minute Makeover

This e-mail based training course consists of 6 lessons. Each lesson takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and new lessons are sent directly to your inbox daily.

The goal of this course is to help draw potential employers to your profile. It will also give it a pristine look which may help land that interview. We cover each section of your profile to ensure that you have the information entered correctly and in the right manner for employers to find you.

Even if you are not actively looking for a new position this course can help. A great profile can go a long way. Sometimes the best opportunities can come along when you aren't trying to find them!

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Starting A Business 101

Looking for that perfect job and you just can't seem to find it?  Maybe it's time to start your own business?!

This 7 lesson e-mail based training course will guide you through each step of starting your own business.

You will receive one lesson a day to help break up the information.

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